Video Conferencing with Cisco Meeting Server.

Cisco Meeting Server provides a simple, intuitive user experience. It offers premises-based audio, video, and web conferencing, and works with third-party on-premises infrastructure.

Meetings for Everyone with Cisco Meeting Server.

Cisco Meeting Server allows Unifi to offer all the great scalability and interoperability that Cisco acquired with Acano in 2016. With integration with the broader Cisco collaboration portfolio now possible it can add real value to our customers looking to adopt great video experiences to make their business more successful. 

At Unifi we discuss with our customers everyday what they want from collaboration tools to make it easier for them to go about their business. Generally, most customers have similar goals and priorities, which include: 

  • Enjoyable, high-quality meeting experiences that incorporate great video, audio, and content-sharing capabilities.
  • The ability for anyone to join a meeting easily, whether from a room system, desktop system, or mobile device via app or browser.
  • Scalability so that IT managers can meet existing needs and extend as business needs grow.
  • Super-simple and predictable licensing that makes it easy to enable services for all users and only pay for those using the solution.

With Cisco Meeting Server as part of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio, Unifi can help business customers with this wish list. The biggest complaint we hear from customers is how complicated it is for a user to join a video or web conference, which has limited the adoption of video conferencing. One of the key benefits of Cisco Meeting Server is that it makes it simple for anyone to meet and enjoy a great video, audio, and content-sharing experience. Additionally, we all know that Cisco licencing has not been easy to understand in the past and this has been simplified significantly so that you can turn on services for users relatively easily. The ability for anyone to join a meeting from video endpoints, and any platform including PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Skype for Business has also been made easier. 

Cisco Meeting Server Includes:.

  • Integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Expressway: This enables capabilities like escalating a 1:1 call to a multiparty conference, and easy connections using Cisco Jabber.
  • Scheduling meetings using Cisco TelePresence Management Suite: Included support for “one-button-to-push” simplifies joining meetings from room or desktop video systems – and extends to Skype for Business. Importantly, the native experience for both Skype for Business and video endpoint users is preserved.
  • A new high-capacity Cisco UCS-based server: Cisco Meeting Server 1000 offers virtualized software deployment with 96 simultaneous HD calls per server.
  • Multiparty Licensing: Our all-in-one user-based license model now includes Personal Multiparty Plus, which is part of Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL) Meetings, and Shared Multiparty Plus.
  • To make meetings truly open, whether inside or beyond your organization, users can join a meeting from Cisco Meeting App. The app works natively on smartphones, PCs, or any WebRTC-compatible browser.

And there’s more. Cisco have harnessed the great scaling technology that Acano developed to provide optimized geographic distribution. It works by deploying Meeting Servers in different data centers and ensuring that users are connected to their “home/local” Meeting Server when they join a meeting. Then bandwidth usage is optimised between sites to reduce costs. 

It’s an exciting time for video collaboration and this is a huge growth area for us at Unifi that has been seen positively by the industry press. 

Cisco Meeting Server Features and Capabilities:.

Cisco Meeting Server provides a simple, intuitive user experience. It offers premises-based audio, video, and web conferencing, and works with third-party on-premises infrastructure. It scales easily for small or large deployments. You can add capacity incrementally as needed, helping to ensure that you can support the current and future needs of your organization. 

Purchasing is simple with an all-in-one, user-based licensing model that gives you the flexibility to buy the services you need today and add more licenses as your organization grows. Combined, Cisco Meeting Server and its licensing model help you meet the changing needs of your dynamic organization. 

With Cisco Meeting Server, you can:.

  • Make it easy for anyone to join a meeting using any supported third-party platform.
  • Boost productivity, providing the best experience from room, desktop, and mobile
  • Protect your investment by bridging to your existing communication infrastructure
  • Simplify purchasing with a user-based commercial model
  • Cisco Meeting Server is a software-based solution that runs on the Cisco Meeting Server 1000, a UCS x86 Server. The Cisco Meeting Server 1000 supports up to 96 simultaneous HD videoconferencing calls.
  • List ItMeetings can easily span multiple Cisco Meeting Server 1000, which may be in multiple geographically dispersed data centers, without degrading the user experience. You can optimize bandwidth usage between sites to cut costs.