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Cisco Webex Teams

You know that same page we’re all supposed to be on? It’s here.

Introducing Cisco Webex Teams. Now you can stay connected between meetings with virtual persistent meeting spaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, and even video calling.

Cisco Webex Teams brings everyone and everything together in one simple-to-use, secure space. Moving work forward has never been easier.

5 ways Webex Teams makes work intuitive

1 - Human connections: Get face-to-face with your colleagues to connect like you’re in person. Keep working together seamlessly before, during, and after meetings.

2 - Work Anywhere: Participate from wherever you are, on any device. Webex Teams adapts to fit your work style and gives you full office capabilities wherever and however you want to get work done.

3 - Safe and Secure: Share between internal and external team members and never worry that your presentations, files, and conversations might be exposed to the world. Webex Teams is secure, end to end.

4 - Integrates with your workflow: Webex Teams integrates with essential business tools, so you can easily connect to the apps you already use every day.

5 - You decide: Instead of adapting to the way it works, you get to choose exactly how to use it. Message, meet, share, draw, and more. Webex Teams is designed to work the way your teams work.

More than just a meeting room

Webex BoardWebex Room KitWebex DX80
Webex Board
Wireless content sharing, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing — on one device
Webex Room Kit
Intelligent video and audio communications for meeting rooms of all sizes
Webex DX80
Life-sized video on a 23-inch touchscreen without an external monitor or IP phone

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