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Presence and IM - Unifi Communications Solutions

Presence and IM

Presence and IM to Enhance Productivity and Collaboration

As a key part to Unifi's collaboration solutions, Presence and IM effectively brings people together in and across organizations. Customers adopt Unified Communications Solutions to increase productivity, accelerate communication, and enable collaboration with colleagues within the enterprise or external partners and suppliers with a suite of business-to-business and business-to-consumer Presence and IM open federations.
The Presence and IM Service lays the foundation to deliver enterprise Presence and IM enabled collaboration capabilities. Customers can view the presence status or availability of the people they want to communicate with, exchange instant messages with these individuals, and escalate to a voice and video call or a rich collaborative session. With the use of dual-protocol capability, Unifi's IM and Presence Service offers customers a choice of Cisco Jabber Unified Communications clients, Microsoft Skype for Business or any third-party XMPP-compliant IM and presence client.

Presence and IM Features and Capabilities

  • Facilitate faster decision making and enhance productivity using presence awareness to view the availability of your colleagues and reduce communications delays.
  • See the availability of partners and customers in other organizations and exchange instant messages with them.
  • Simultaneously support Cisco Unified Communications, Microsoft Skype for Business and standards-based XMMP clients with this dual-protocol platform that natively supports both SIP/SIMPLE and XMMP on a single software appliance.
  • Speed up your business processes and improve first-call resolution and customer satisfaction by providing availability information and communication capabilities in existing web and business applications.
  • Meet business requirements with enhanced enterprise IM capabilities such as group chat, persistent chat, IM logging, IM history, and compliance.
  • This open and extensible platform facilitates the highly secure exchange of presence and IM information between Cisco Unified Communications and other applications.
Whether using a Cisco Jabber clients or Microsoft Skype for Business, Unifi's Presence and IM solutions integrate well with Microsoft office applications, providing presence information both from and into applications such as Outlook, while also providing features such as click-to-dial.

Single Collaborative Client

Integrating completly with your Unified Communications platform, Cisco Jabber or Skype for Business provides all Presence, IM, conferencing, telephony and video from a single collaborative client within Unifi’s Presence solutions. It allows telephony to be in desk phone control mode or soft phone mode and it can use any available camera device to enable video. Desktop sharing and other services can also be enabled to bring full collaboration to the workplace.
Unifi Communications has extensive experience in the deployment and client support of Unified Communications Collaboration solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.