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Voice - Unifi Communications Solutions
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Business Voice Calls

Voice Solutions for Cheaper Calls

Business Voice Solutions

Unifi Communications offer a wide range of business phone systems to meet the communication needs of your business, whether based on Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional TDM network technology. Our knowledge and expertise will help you save money on your business telephone calls at the same time as helping you collaborate more effectively across your business.

Best Voice Solutions for Your Business

We can advise on the best voice solutions for your business and help you save up to 40% against BT standard tariffs. The voice service and reliability provided by Unifi Communications are through Tier 1 providers (Voiceflex, Gamma Telecom or Talk Talk Business), which means that you receive the same call and line quality as if with BT. There is no need to change lines or your line provider, you are simply using Unifi Communications for your cheaper calls.
The majority of telecoms companies, including BT, charge a minimum call charge. With Unifi's voice solutions you only pay for the seconds you use - therefore you don't pay for time you don't use. And there is no monthly fee or minimum spend.

Switch your Calls to Unifi Today

To switch your calls to Unifi Communications, simply call our sales line on 0208 943 9333 and within 14 days your calls will be routing via us. The changeover will be seamless as Unifi Communications manage your entire connection process.
To reduce your call costs even further, you can adopt Unifi's SIP Trunking service. To find out how much money we can save you on your call costs, call us on 0208 943 9333 or visit the "Contact Us" page.

Voice - Key Benefits

  • Will help you save money on your business telephone calls
  • Works closely with all of Unifi's range of Cisco Phone Systems
  • No minimum call charges - you only pay for the time you make calls
  • Unifi's voice services are through Tier 1 providers such as Gamma, Voiceflex or Talk Talk
  • Seamless changeover as Unifi manages the entire connection process