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SIP - Unifi Communications Solutions
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SIP Trunks

Save Money on Line rental and Call Costs

Unifi Communications SIP Trunk Service

As a key component of Unifi Communications Unified Communications Solutions, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to carry telephone calls over the internet. It is this Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol that is most widely supported by modern devices, including all Cisco Phone Systems supplied by Unifi Communications.
A SIP Trunk is a facility that allows the placing of out-bound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using an internet connection, rather than using an ISDN line. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to set-up and 'tear-down' telephone calls over IP networks, including the internet. It is this VoIP protocol that is most widely supported by Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Business Phone Systems such as Cisco Communications Manager and Cisco Business Edition 6000.
Unifi Communications' SIP trunks are designed to work with all Cisco Phone Systems supported by Unifi. As a Cisco Unified Communications Reseller, Unifi are able to supply affordable Cisco Phone Systems, that can utilise the benefits that SIP Trunking and Voice over IP can bring.
Unifi's SIP Trunks incur a monthly subscription charge of just £6 per channel. This compares to ISDN30, which has a monthly charge of around £16 per month. Inbound telephone numbers incur a one off fee and no monthly subscription. Inbound and on-network calls are free. Outbound calls are charged at highly competitive rates.

SIP Trunks - Key Benefits of SIP Trunks

Why Consider SIP Trunks

  • Cost savings. The savings of switching to SIP Trunks can be substantial
  • Internet to landline telephone calls
  • Very competitive call rates and rental charges
  • If you move you can take your numbers with you
  • Any Number Anywhere. Any geographic numbers to your phone - including international numbers
  • Brings the reliability of the internet to your telephone
  • New numbers occur a one off £15 fee