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Professional Services

Use Our Services to Get Better Business Results Faster

Professional Services for New Technology Deployments

By partnering with Unifi Communications we can help ensure you are ready to deliver the best of what new technology can offer your business. Whether you are considering newer initiatives like collaboration, cloud, or mobility, or looking to optimize your existing infrastructure, Unifi Communications can help you:
  • Increase efficiency and control costs across your business with an end-to-end approach
  • Reduce risk by assessing compliance needs up front and implementing a holistic security strategy
  • Stay flexible and support innovation by designing and deploying the best solution to fit your long-term needs

Achieve your Organisation's Vision for Collaboration

Unifi Communications' collaboration solutions span a wide variety of technologies, including Collaboration Endpoints, Conferencing, Customer Collaboration and Unified Communications. Backed by Unifi Communications 10 years experience of unified communications and collaboration deployments, your business can plan for new collaboration initiatives and technologies, ease deployment, and manage your collaboration infrastructure with the assurance that you are supported by a partner who has seen and done it all before.

Partner with Unifi Communications Professional Services

Unifi Communications' Professional Services can help you take full advantage of what new technology has to offer. We can offer a comprehensive and flexible approach to support your company at any stage in the evolution of your IT environment.
  • Align technology decisions with business requirements and unlock the value of collaboration
  • Manage costs, increase the speed of deployment and demonstrate a rapid return on investment
  • Identify and resolve issues quickly to improve uptime a keep existing processes running smoothly
  • Successfully integrate existing databases with new collaboration tools and platforms to deliver a unified user experience
  • Learn how to manage change so it doesn't manage you and uncover the real value of your greatest asset.
Let Unifi Communications help you plan, deploy, and optimise your collaboration and IT infrastructure to make you more efficient and keep your business more profitable. For more information, contact us on 0208 943 9333 or e-mail