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Cisco Email Security: Email Security for Today’s Enterprise

Industry-Leading Email Protection

Cisco Email Security: Email Security for Today’s Enterprise

Keep your critical business email safe from spam, malware, and other threats. Unifi Communications industry-leading solution gives you faster, more complete email protection to stop email-based threats and provide continuous protection before, during, and after an attack.
Email remains the primary attack method of network security attack and these attacks are increasing in both their frequency and their financial impact on targeted businesses. While the financial impact translates to monetary loss and stolen credentials, organizations that have been victimized by these attacks have to bear the cost of re-mediating infected hosts and the negative impact on their brand reputation.
To help you combat ever increasing email security threats, Unifi Communications recommends the Cisco Email Security solution. This provides a comprehensive portfolio of secure delivery methods, integrated key management, and the power of business-class email. The proposed Cisco Email Security solution provides industry-leading encryption capabilities, enabling the comprehensive functionality necessary to help protect even the most complex enterprise environments.
By helping reduce the downtime associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats, the proposed Cisco Email Security Appliances can improve the administration of your corporate email systems, reduce the burden on technical staff, and provide constant state-of-the-art network protection.

Why Unifi Communications Proposes Cisco Email Security

Cisco has raised the bar with superior anti-spam and antivirus technology that protects the world’s most important networks. These industry-leading technologies offer resilient platforms, combined with powerful tools that enable simple management of complex tasks. By providing security solutions deployed at the network gateway, the Cisco Email Security solution helps enable a perimeter defence so powerful that email threats of all types never even make it to employees’ desktops. Compared to some competing limited and proprietary solutions, the proposed solution offers a number of compelling reasons why you should consider Cisco Email Security to address your security needs.

Features and Capabilities - Threat-Centric Security

  • The Cisco Email Security Appliance is the industry's first proven zero-hour antivirus solution. It offers a best-in-class capability to control and encrypt sensitive outbound email. At the same time, its layered defence, built into a single appliance, quickly blocks incoming attacks.
  • Enhanced ROI: While some competing solutions may offer a bundled deal at a fairly low initial cost, the number of servers required to obtain the same level of protection and the added burden of administration and weak spam catch rates can create a higher post-implementation cost.
  • Lower overall TCO: Competing solutions may boast low pricing rather than overall TCO or product quality and effectiveness. With Cisco Email Security, you can receive leading spam capture rates, fewer false positives, high-performance, higher availability, and innovative cutting-edge technology. The overall savings in OpEx can outweigh the difference in CapEx due to price, thereby reducing the overall TCO.
  • Exceptional performance: While competitors may suggest the level of performance provided by Cisco is not required for small to mid-sized businesses, spam volumes have steadily increased over the last five years. With Cisco Email Security Appliances, you can feel confident knowing that your email security solution can scale to handle the future volume of email, even during significant spam outbreaks.
  • Powerful email security: The proposed solution combines market-leading antispam, antivirus, encryption; data loss prevention (DLP); and outbreak filtering technologies. These solutions run on Cisco’s revolutionary Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) platform and provide high levels of email protection with exclusive preventative and reactive technologies and industry-leading email management tools.

Continuous Innovation with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Cisco's commitment to email security can be seen in our innovative offerings. You have a choice of on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and virtual deployments.
The Cisco Email Security Appliance is powered by the Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group. The Talos threat intelligence detects, analyses, and protects against both known and emerging threats. It accomplishes this by aggregating and analysing Cisco's extensive telemetry data including:
  • Billions of web requests and emails
  • Millions of malware samples
  • Open-source data sets
  • Millions of network intrusions
  • Talos offers a holistic understanding of threats, their root causes, and scopes of outbreaks. Cisco Email Security products are dynamically updated with this information every 3 to 5 minutes, giving you superior email protection.