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Configuration Services

Successfully deploy new solutions or applications by receiving expert assistance

Unifi Communications Configuration Services

Integrating devices and new capabilities without compromising network availability or performance is critical to success. As you introduce new solutions or applications into your production network, you need to be sure they are deployed in accordance with your design.
Unifi Communications' configuration services can help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans and to install, configure, and integrate new solutions or applications in your production network. They offer project management, post-implementation support, and ongoing knowledge transfer.

Unifi Communications' Service capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Operations management deployment
  • Service management deployment

Unifi Communications' robust portfolio of services helps you to:

  • Reduce delays, rework, and other problems during implementation with a detailed implementation plan and accurate estimation of the time and resource requirements
  • Decrease disruption to your production network during deployment by identifying risks and creating plans for risk management before deployment begins
  • Successfully deploy a new solution by following an in-depth, detailed implementation process based on leading practices
  • Realise business and technical goals of the new solution by implementing it in accordance with your design and plans
  • Support solution adoption by receiving post-implementation support and knowledge transfer throughout the engagement

Why Unifi Communications Services

Unifi Communications can help you realise the full value of your network, IT, and communications investments faster and successfully harness the intelligent network as a powerful business platform with professional and technical services. Whether you are looking to evolve your network to support business continuity and growth, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, enable a more reliable customer experience, or mitigate risk, we have a service that can help you. Unifi Communications' Services uniquely deliver innovative solutions, unmatched expertise, and smart service capabilities using a collaborative approach.
Our Cisco engineers are among the industry’s elite in providing integrated, collaborative, adaptive solutions. Contact Unifi Communications today to find out how our services can help you optimise the value of your network