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What is Causing the BYOD Trend

What is Causing the BYOD Trend - Unifi Communications

What is Causing the BYOD Trend

Just about the highest number of requests we have received at Unifi over the last 6 months is from customers enquiring about wireless networking and how they allow employees to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) to the corporate network. Almost without exception, these requests are being driven by employees (normally the MD) wanting to use their new Smartphone or iPad within the corporate network. Suddenly the IT department is being bombarded with complaints about the poor performance of the overloaded corporate wireless network and requests to use these devices to access the tools they need to do their job.

Only a few years ago, providing employees with a laptop and a mobile phone was viewed positively. Now, the same employees grumble that they want to use their own Smartphone or tablet PC in the workplace as they put their company provided Nokia in a drawer in favour of their own iPhone. This “Bring your Own Device” (BYOD) trend brings many positives for the employer, not least in the fact that they no longer have the burden and expense of providing the hardware for their employee as well as making them more efficient, motivated, productive and mobile.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of the biggest IT trends in many years, and it's having an impact on organisations big and small. BYOD is creating sweeping changes in the way devices are used in workplaces world over.

There is no argument that if implemented correctly BYOD is a great opportunity for end users and businesses. The former get to work with the technology that they know and love, the latter can increase productivity in and out of the office. But for the IT department, these benefits also bring challenges, namely, accommodating the influx of tablets and other mobile devices without creating major security concerns by exposing your network to security threats, malware, and data leakages

Wireless networking is no longer just about providing a secure SSID for company laptops to log in to. It requires an effective policy that enforces compliance, infrastructure security and streamlines service operations. If not careful, an IT manager can spend all his or her time managing this trend so it is important that the process of connecting new devices is automated, along with the protection of data loss and user identity.

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