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Unifi Communications Limited Achieves Express Video Specialization

Unifi Communications Limited Achieves Express Video Specialization - Unifi Communications

Unifi Communications Limited Achieves Express Video Specialization

Connecting people and supporting business growth and innovation has always been at the core of what we do at Unifi Communications. As part of our commitment to our customers to provide easy-to-use, feature-rich corporate communication systems, Unifi Communications today announce they have once again achieved the Express Video Specialization Certification from Cisco.

The certification recognises Unifi Communications Limited having proven their ability to provide value-added Cisco video collaboration solutions, through their in-depth knowledge of the mid-market requirements, technology skills and service offerings.

Video is a key element in Unifi Communications’ Collaboration portfolio, that also includes advanced IP telephony, unified communications, customer care solutions and mobile collaboration.

Accelerate Your Success with Video Collaboration

As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, business leaders recognize the benefits and growing impact of video collaboration.

People are more likely to adopt a conferencing solution that lets them connect their choice of devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, video devices, and video-enabled desk phones.

With nearly 15 years’ experience providing collaboration technology to small and medium sized businesses, Unifi Communications recognise video conferencing as the way forward to making it easy and natural for people to collaborate and improve the way businesses work.

Some of the most recognised business benefits of Video Collaboration are:

  • Improve decision making by reducing communications delays
  • Build trust and understanding across cross-functional and diverse teams
  • Reduce employee travels, real-estate costs, and environmental impact
  • Encourage knowledge sharing with employees, partners, and customers

“High-growth and innovative companies are constantly looking for better ways to communicate and be more productive. New video collaboration solutions introduced by Cisco, including “One Button to Push” make video conferencing experiences as easy as voice. In many cases, these experiences are better and more convenient than being there”, comments Unifi Communications’ Managing Director Rob Coleman.

Every Department Benefits from Video Collaboration

A recent survey held by Techaisle with technical decision makers at small and midmarket businesses concluded that: “There is a direct connection between high growth and high levels of innovation with use of advanced collaboration technologies, especially face-to-face video”.

“Business is about connections and most studies represent the benefits of video to business overall.” adds Rob Coleman. Having the ability to easily use video in their everyday life, from any device and being able to record and stream video, benefit any department:

  • HR say video helps motivate employees and facilitating the interviewing process
  • SALES say it builds trust by providing rich, in-person interaction
  • OPERATIONS say it provides better support for remote and branch office workers
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE say it helps providing better customer support
  • MARKETING say it helps transform customer experiences

Choose an Expert Provider for Your Video-collaboration Strategy

The Cisco Express Video Specialization Certification confirms Unifi Communications dedication to expand their collaboration portfolio and provide businesses with the latest and most cost-effective technology solutions. From advanced IP telephony and Next-Generation Unified Communications to the latest meeting and collaboration solutions such as Cisco Spark and Cisco Meeting Server Unifi Communications enable businesses with life-like interactions and effective teamwork experience anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

As a highly responsive, customer-focused small business, Unifi Communications’ service portfolio spans the entire service delivery lifecycle - from design, deployment and integration through to maintenance and managed services to allow you to collaborate easily, securely and have meetings when and where you really need to.

Their partnership with Cisco also provides Unifi Communications with an award-winning partner program to deliver financial options, with the ability to address budget constraints thanks to Cisco Capital; technical support, with a 24-hour response time for problem resolution and 24-hour on-site response capabilities and an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that is leader in the business collaboration market.