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What Makes Meetings #Webexceptional?

What Makes Meetings #Webexceptional? - Unifi Communications

What Makes Meetings #Webexceptional?

Customer Reviews on Cisco Webex Meetings

Customers feedback has always been important to Unifi Communications, so it is interesting to receive customer thoughts, ideas and experiences on the tools we have provided to make them more productive. One tool we receive much positive feedback on is Cisco Webex. Our customers will have used many different video and web conferencing solutions so their feedback is important. While there are a variety of collaboration tools in the market, there is a huge difference between each offering. Our customers tell us that it is the simplicity in joining a Webex Meeting and the overall quality that make Webex Meetings stand out from all the others, especially when there are several hundred participants joining the meeting anytime from many different locations and many different devices.

Security and compliance concerns are also more common as customers needs to adhere to more and more compliance and regulation. There are many cloud services that customers can’t use simply because of the restrictions they have for compliance. Cisco Webex can be used for everything. It is incredibly satisfying to hear how the collaboration solutions Unifi have provided have transformed our client’s complex work environment to a simpler and more productive one. For more and more of our customer’s Webex is a huge thing, it’s part of their day to day operations. The competence and trust-level of knowing that Webex works well every time is really important and means a satisfied customer for us.

Don't Just Take Their Word For It

The best way to see why Cisco Webex offers the best online meeting experience, is to try it yourself. Please contact Unifi to arrange a free, 60-day trial of Cisco Webex for up to 50 users. As part of the trial you can also get a Cisco Webex Room Kit and Cisco DX80s that register to the Cisco Webex cloud for smarter collaboration. Contact Unifi today to arrange your no obligation trial.

Cisco Webex

Multiple Elements Make Webex Meetings Exceptional

  • It’s trusted. More people choose Webex Meetings over all other vendors, combined.Cisco Webex Meetings hosts more than 70 billion meeting minutes every year with over 113 million people collaborating on the platform each month. It’s no surprise that Webex is the platform of choice for 95% of Fortune 500 companies. And it’s no surprise that it is the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions 2018.
  • It’s all new. Experience the modern, video-centric experience.If you haven’t seen Webex Meetings lately, you should. Introduced earlier this year, the new desktop app delivers simpler, more modern video meetings to make meetings better. Cisco Webex better aligns with how companies work today – and will in the future. Webex Meetings is now a video-first experience with centralised controls plus integrated scheduling and calendar management. You can even control who and what you see during the meeting – including up to 25 of your teammates at once.
  • It’s simple and consistent. Get a consistent experience no matter which device you use. With Cisco Webex, you can be sure that you’ll have a consistent experience, whether you’re joining from a web link, a mobile device, the desktop app, or a Cisco video device. No matter how you join Webex Meetings, you have a great experience. Just click the big green join button on the device you’re using. Ever tried to schedule a meeting on a mobile device? It’s not easy, but scheduling Webex Meetings is simple on all devices. With Webex Hybrid Calendar Service automatically populates the join information. No need to remember a personal room ID, paste join info, or add a plug-in as with other vendors. Scheduling a meeting with a customer never been easier. The browser experience doesn’t require downloads or plugins. They just click the link in the invite to join. Unlike other meeting solutions, participants and hosts get all core meeting capabilities in the browser – audio, video, and screen or application sharing.It’s scalable. A seamless solution that scales to your business needs.
  • Webex Meetings can support meetings of nearly any size. Webex Meetings supports up to 1,000 people on video – the closest competitor is 500. Need to have an even bigger meeting? No problem. Webex has solutions that scale to more than 100,000 attendees. Often productivity go beyond the meetings. Included with Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Teams provides team collaboration so people can easily stay connected between meetings to message, share content, and get work done.
  • It delivers quality. Webex Meetings is the only cloud service built and optimised for real-time media.It connects the entire world of Webex with a high-quality, redundant, media-optimised network. So when you have global meetings, the traffic hops onto the Webex backbone at the closest point to minimise the time on the public internet. The result? A better quality meeting experience.

Enable Video-first Meeting Experience Today with Unifi Communications

Based on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham, Unifi Communications have 15 years’ experience providing collaboration technology to small and medium sized businesses, which change the way they work.

Our mission is to make technology fade into the background, allowing people to intuitively connect and collaborate in richer ways — no matter where they are in the world. Cisco video-collaboration is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings and we are excited to allow an increasing number of customers of all sizes access to this revolutionary technology.

From advanced IP telephony and Next-Generation video-collaboration technology such as Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Meeting Server, Unifi Communications enable businesses with life-like interactions and effective teamwork experience anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Unifi Communications is excited to offer 60–day free trial to companies. Get in touch with us to trial Cisco Webex and Cisco Video Devices. Start your 60-day free trial today!