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What’s new in Cisco Jabber 12.5

What’s new in Cisco Jabber 12.5 - Unifi Communications

What’s new in Cisco Jabber 12.5

As a leading Cisco collaboration partner, Unifi Communications are excited that the release of Cisco Jabber 12.5 sees some massive feature enhancements. This Cisco Jabber release provides a greater consistent experience across the Cisco platform, regardless of the device or application you choose to use. This is an important release from Cisco that really enhances a customer’s collaboration experience.

So, what’s new in Jabber 12.5? The main new feature is the introduction of modern and improved messaging features from the cloud. The team messaging mode, and a significantly improved meeting experience with active controls, offer existing Jabber customers the opportunity to transition some work tools to the cloud whilst keeping your on-premise Cisco calling platform.

Jabber Team Messaging Mode

Jabber Team Messaging Mode provides a new set of messaging features from the Webex Teams messaging cloud while keeping your calling services on-premises. This gives persistent one-to-one chats and team spaces, a new presence experience, advanced file sharing capabilities, and a powerful way to search in your Jabber application – all while keeping the advanced calling features that are loved. Want more great news? You can keep your existing on-premises calling infrastructure.

Team messaging mode shows Cisco’s commitment to customers and to Cisco Jabber. It provides a new team workflow in your Jabber environment. To integrate with our existing solutions and deliver a unique blended experience we use the power of the Webex platform. IT administrators are able to provide new, cloud-delivered experiences while leveraging their on-premises or partner-managed calling services. From now on Jabber users have the added benefit of native interoperability between Jabber team messaging mode and Webex Teams, as they leverage the same cloud platform. No forced migrations, we are focused on productive user workflows through a cloud evolution.

See the new features, included in team messaging mode:

Cisco Jabber Active Controls

Cisco Jabber Active Controls provides an excellent and consistent meeting experience no matter how you choose to join a meeting. This new feature gives users more control over meetings with a meeting roster, participant controls, customized layouts, and a new share experience. Take this opportunity to reach out to Unifi Communications and speak with us about using Jabber 12.5 as a primary meeting client and messaging tool. We have a wide range of information to provide the best introduction to this amazing tool.

Get a quick look at active controls within Jabber:

Additional Jabber 12.5 Features

  • Simplified Configuration Process: No more manual Jabber XML configuration file editing and uploading. configurations can now be managed using the Unified Communications Manager web interface
  • Cisco Headset Management: The Jabber application will now automatically push updated firmware to your Cisco headsets to keep them up to date. It’s that easy.
  • Media Routing Optimisation: Jabber 12.5 now supports SIP ICE. ICE provides Media Routing Optimisation, and remote users no longer need to "hair-pin" media through the expressway.
  • Updated User Experience: Jabber delivers a modern design and user experience. In Jabber 12.5 the updated design gives more consistency across the Cisco Collaboration portfolio.

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