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Introducing Cognitive Collaboration

Introducing Cognitive Collaboration - Unifi Communications

Introducing Cognitive Collaboration

Unifi Communications is excited to introduce the next evolution of Cisco Webex - Cognitive Collaboration. Cognitive Collaboration enables high performance teams and elevates customer experiences with artificial intelligence. Cognitive collaboration powers better experiences and enhances customer interactions with more productive business outcomes.

For example, let’s look at meetings. The small glitches that happen in meetings are slightly annoying in isolation, but when combined, they form a reason for people not to use the technology given to them to carry out their jobs. Little things, like trying to find the log-on code for a meeting that has already started, which you are already struggling to remember what it’s about or why you have been invited. Or trying to focus on a conference call amid the distractions of ambient noises like a dog barking in the background or keyboard typing coming through the speaker. Or not knowing who’s who on a web conference or what their relationship is to the topic.

We live in a very competitive world, in an era where deals and reputations can be built or lost in seconds, a clear mind and timely actions are vital to remain competitive. The most valuable part of collaboration is found in deeper human connection. When on a call, every distraction you suffer means a loss of focus, which takes time to recover. When added up over a day, this turns into a perpetual state of dissonance.

The Digital Transformation – From Little Things Come Big Ideas

So, that’s where the idea of cognitive collaboration came from. Cisco define cognitive collaboration as:

“Context and intelligence woven throughout all collaboration experiences. This fosters human relationships, enhances customer interactions, and builds high performance teams across boundaries to make smarter and faster decisions and allow you to serve your customers better.”

It’s an optimistic and very achievable view of a new generation of workplace interaction – a new opportunity for business that helps achieve a more agile workstyle.

Cognitive Collaboration pairs intelligent workstreams and work spaces to form a much greater platform for improved interaction and human engagement. Cognitively enabled collaboration experiences ensure team members can easily connect with, and then see, hear, know, and relate to each other.

Cognitive Collaboration - Butlers and Chauffeurs of your Professional Life

What intelligent technologies should always do is to let you focus on more important things. Rather than being “dumb machines” that just accept your keystrokes, they should be proactive and intelligent virtual assistants, working with you, understanding you, anticipating your needs and setting the scene for maximum return. They should be the butlers and chauffeurs of your professional life.

Welcome Cognitive Collaboration – the New “X factor” in Innovation

The promise of cognitive collaboration is to provide more context and deliver more power, allowing people to be better prepared. Every company has customers and each customer is equally important. Pairing intelligent workspaces with intelligent workstreams allow more profitable experience for employees and customers. Our new technology will put context around the customer experience and deliver it across every channel. It applies a predictive view on how people interact, to ensure the company responds more quickly and serves the customer with an almost telepathic efficiency.

Enable Video-first Meeting Experience Today with Unifi Communications

Based on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham, Unifi Communications have 15 years’ experience providing collaboration technology to small and medium sized businesses, which change the way they work.

Our mission is to make technology fade into the background, allowing people to intuitively connect and collaborate in richer ways — no matter where they are in the world.

Unifi Communications is excited to offer 60–day free trial to companies. Get in touch with us to trial Cisco Webex and Cisco Video Devices. Start your 60-day free trial today!