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Cisco Huddle Space Video Solutions

Cisco Huddle Space Video Solutions - Unifi Communications

Cisco Huddle Space Video Solutions

Get More From Your Small Meeting Spaces

High quality collaboration technology in small meeting spaces (or huddle spaces) has only just begun to transform the workplace. And that’s because almost half of huddle spaces have little to no collaboration technology. And eight out of ten users say they are frustrated with current huddle space collaboration solutions. In many cases department managers are buying solutions for their teams, typically on a tight budget and from a variety of vendors. The result is a poor and inconsistent experience for team members and a challenge for IT to manage and scale huddle solutions across the enterprise. These challenges create barriers to growth and adoption.

Cisco is knocking down these barriers with a cohesive huddle portfolio that is easy to use and manage, with a solution to fit every budget. We’ve designed solutions for uses from effortless content sharing to clearly communicating and co-creating.
Huddle Spaces and Cisco’s Solutions Video

Video Collaboration for Small Meeting Spaces

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini is the newest member of the Cisco Webex Room Series family for video collaboration. Unlike competitors, all that is needed is a monitor for the Mini to provide premium audio and video communication. This single vendor approach to collaboration technology improves the user experience and makes it easy to set up.
The Mini offers the same delightful user experience as the Room Kits for larger rooms. It has the same intelligence that enables Webex Assistant, face recognition, noise suppression, and best view to frame the meeting participants. But it’s designed for huddle spaces with a 120-degree field of view and a beam-forming microphone array that picks up sounds from just the zone in front, which is ideal for open spaces.
The Mini is available for on-premise or cloud environments. When used with the Cisco Webex Teams app, the Mini provides the full host of premium experiences, intelligence capabilities and detailed analytics for the huddle experience.

The Mini doesn’t just work for Cisco apps. This powerful device includes a USB interface that enables it to improve any video collaboration app that a meeting participant may want to use from their laptop, such as Skype for Business. In this case the Mini provides a subset of its advanced capabilities to make the experience better, like premium audio, beam-forming microphones, people count and best view.

Share Content in Small Meeting Spaces

How often have you crowded around a laptop while there is an idle screen in the background? Cisco have solved that with the Cisco Webex Share, which turns any screen into a wireless content sharing device. The Share device plugs into a monitor, then pairs to your laptop with Webex Teams. Simply click to share a presentation, worksheet, or any content. You can also see when the room is in use and the upcoming bookings. Share is meetings-enabled; remote participants can also share content, joining in the meeting via Webex Meetings and Teams.

Whiteboard in Small Meeting Spaces

The Cisco Webex Board 55 is a whiteboard, presentation device and video system all-in-one sized for the huddle space.` Sketch your ideas or edit drawings on the touchscreen, with a local or remote team. You can store your creations and share with participants in a Cisco Webex Teams space, ensuring the information is available and easily shareable. These features make the Board 55 ideal for small team meetings where co-creation is the primary focus.

Video Collaboration for Everybody

Collaboration tools for any space, large or small, need to be easy, intuitive, and accessible or they won’t be adopted. Unifi Communications install huddle solutions that are easy to use, with a green button for one-button-to-push rapid starts to meetings. This experience is consistent across the portfolio of our solutions for small, medium and large rooms, and across Cisco Webex apps, so that team members know just how to start a meeting in any physical or virtual space.
At the same time, the portfolio has the security, easy management and advanced analytics for large deployments. The native analytics delivered across, the portfolio help an organisation's real estate teams to answer space optimisation questions like: Do I need more spaces on the 3rd floor? Are the spaces the right size? How are teams using the technology in these spaces?

Building on the Power of Cisco Webex

The advantages of being part of a broader Cisco portfolio don’t stop there. The huddle devices work within Cisco’s powerful collaboration platform that includes calling, meetings, and team tools, with apps and devices. This platform also inter operates with third-party tools, like productivity suites from Google and Microsoft, to make team workstreams effortless and to protect your existing investments.

With the addition of a range of huddle solutions to the broad Cisco Webex portfolio, speak to Unifi about how you can video enable your entire organisation with a solution for every budget, use and space, from pocket to boardroom. This is the new way of working for agile teams to perform at their best.