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Cisco has updated its contact centre portfolio with the release of 12.0

Cisco has updated its contact centre portfolio with the release of 12.0 - Unifi Communications

Cisco has updated its contact centre portfolio with the release of 12.0

Cisco has unveiled a series of updates to its contact centre offerings with the goal of personalising customer care for its business customers and improving customer experience, security and deployment.

The launch of version 12 covers its two premise-based contact centre offerings; Cisco Contact Centre Express (CCX) and Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise (CCE) as well as one of its cloud-based contact centre solutions. The updates include omni-channel enhancements and a new, all-in-one user interface for call centre agents and managers.

Contact centres play an important role in shaping a company’s direction as they realise that the contact centre isn't just a cost, it's also a revenue-generating centre that is key to driving customer loyalty, innovation and business growth. The right technology delivers quicker, more memorable customer care. Cisco, one of the leaders in communication experience on the market today, is making it easier to access that crucial tech.

Customer care agents need modern and intuitive tools that enable them to have the essential information and resources at their fingertips. The release of version 12 focuses on the agent experience. In many cases, an agent is the only interaction customers will have with your business. Therefore, empowering agents with the essential tools helps drive quicker resolution closure and create more meaningful customer interactions that can last a lifetime.

Rob Coleman, Collaboration specialist at Unifi Communications says, “Our customers are valuing contact centre features more and more over price. They know better experiences mean return, customers and are looking to track and understand the customer's journey to enhance customer loyalty. Contact centres need to evolve and the launch of these offerings from Cisco help this evolution”

The new administration portal brings together resources and third-party solutions into one platform to ease management and multi-channel interactions for both agents and managers. Cisco's contact centre solutions now include an integration with Facebook's Messenger app, and Cisco also now supports Amazon Web Services as a deployment model.

IT staff can manage the contact centre efficiently and cost-effectively, while ensuring compliance with the latest security standards and protecting the privacy of their customers’ data.

New features include:

  • Next generation seamless, omni-channel customer interactions
  • Multi-site supervisor support, enabling remote or visiting supervisors.
  • Improved first contact resolution by better utilising agent resources
  • Enterprise chat and email high availability and an enhanced web chat experience and support for Facebook Messenger.
  • An upgraded user experience in Desktop Chat, Team Message and Agent Active call details for the supervisor.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key 12.0 features:

  • Consistent UX for admin resources – A simplified admin experience for the Packaged CCE offering to enable IT to manage both Cisco and partner solutions from a “single pane of glass” portal and provide the same UX as the other Cisco collaboration products. This saves admin time, reduces complexity, and provides a more intuitive and productive management experience.
  • Modern agent omni-channel experience – A next-gen browser-based desktop client that supports multiple channels of interactions, provides enhanced chat capabilities, gives agents quick access to subject matter experts, and provides a more intuitive experience that allows them to stay more engaged, so they can deliver superior service to their customers. In addition, the Unified CCX solution now supports chat with Facebook Messenger.
  • Better team collaboration – Supervisors can now send broadcast messages to their teams, and 1-1 chat is available for collaboration between agents and supervisors, and with colleagues outside the contact centre. This makes it easy for supervisors to provide guidance and coaching and enables agents to easily reach subject matter experts to drive quicker issue resolution.
  • Advanced supervisor capabilities – Supervisors on the Unified CCX now have new capabilities to more effectively manage their teams, contact centre calendars and applications, and outbound campaigns. This improves overall contact centre productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased scalability – The number of agents supported on Unified CCE and HCS-CC has increased up to 24,000 – a doubling in scale allowing customers to have even larger deployments with a single instance. The Packaged CCE, increases to 12,000 agents, bringing all the benefits of the Packaged CCE solution to a larger set of customers. Increasing scale enables our customers to consolidate multiple contact centres which reduces infrastructure costs and complexity and enables them to better leverage agent resources across sites.
  • Support for VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services – VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services support is now available for Unified CCE, Packaged CCE and Unified CCX deployments.
  • Higher security – by securing end-to-end transport of PII data, simplifying certificate management and monitoring, de-coupling authorization dependency from Active Directory, and much more.

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These enhancements show our dedication and commitment to helping our customers deliver more enriching customer experiences, achieve faster resolution closure, scalable systems to improve IT resource productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership.

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