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Unifi Communications Achieves Cisco Advanced Video Specialisation for 3rd Time

Unifi Communications Achieves Cisco Advanced Video Specialisation for 3rd Time - Unifi Communications

Unifi Communications Achieves Cisco Advanced Video Specialisation for 3rd Time

Unifi Communications is pleased to announce that they have once again achieved the Advanced Video Specialisation from Cisco in the UK.

By achieving the Advanced Video Specialisation, Unifi Communications have proven once again their ability to design, install and support comprehensive Cisco video solutions, thanks to their in-depth product knowledge, technical skills and understanding of their customers’ requirements.

Cisco’s Advanced Video Specialised partners have deep networking and advanced Cisco Unified Communications capabilities and a strong services practice, that enables them to build value-added, user-centric solutions.

"We take pride in Cisco’s endorsement of our sales and technical skills and ongoing commitment to be a leading video-communications and collaboration specialist.” comments Managing Director Rob Coleman. “Our team follows a continuous-learning and training program that allows Unifi Communications to offer market leading Cisco video solutions based around such technologies as Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Webex Room Kits and Cisco Meeting Server.”

A Trusted Partner for Any Video-Collaboration Requirement

Advanced Video Specialization proves that Unifi Communications have the experience and expertise to provide market leading video-collaboration solutions to suit every requirement from the smallest business right up to the large enterprise.

The modern workplace is one where geographically dispersed teams need to collaborate anytime, from anywhere, from a device of their choice. With so many employees working in virtual teams, both inside and outside of the corporate network, many business relationships depend on collaboration technology.

Unifi Communications can offer a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration solutions, built around on-premise solutions like Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Expressway or cloud managed based solutions with Cisco Webex and Cisco Webex Room Kits. Whatever your requirements and budget are, Unifi will help you stay engaged, simplifying teamwork and meetings with user-centric solutions that bring people together.

Cisco technology is easy to use, deploy, maintain, and integrate for the IT teams. Users have a seamless single-identity login across all devices and IT gets one unified video & call-control management platform to simplify administration, troubleshooting and ultimately reducing costs, while providing the highest Return On Investment.

Enable Video-first Meeting Experience Today with Unifi Communications

Based on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham, Unifi Communications have 15 years’ experience providing collaboration technology to small and medium sized businesses, which change the way they work.

Our mission is to make technology fade into the background, allowing people to intuitively connect and collaborate in richer ways — no matter where they are in the world. Cisco video-collaboration is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings and we are excited to allow an increasing number of customers of all sizes access to this revolutionary technology.

From advanced IP telephony and Next-Generation video-collaboration technology such as Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Meeting Server, Unifi Communications enable businesses with life-like interactions and effective teamwork experience anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

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