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Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - Unifi Communications

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia


The Saudi Health Office is a Consulate of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and provides health and medical advice to Saudi Arabian subjects based in the UK and Ireland. The office also handles the affairs of Saudi Arabian nationals travelling to London for medical treatment.


Growth at the consulatemeant the IT infrastructure was no longer adequate to provide suitable client service levels. Additionally, with hundreds of calls being made every month back to Saudi Arabia communication costs were also escalating out of control.


Unifi completely refreshed the Consulate’s IT infrastructure to provide a fully managed Cisco Communications Manager Express Cisco Business Phone System, The Cisco Phone System, replaced an aging BT Meridian traditional phone system that was inflexible and expensive to maintain. To support the updated solution, Unifi also installed a new Cisco routing and switching infrastructure as well as new Dell PCs, IP CCTV, Network Attached Storage and remote user VPN access.

With the Cisco Phone System, communications costs were cut by utilising Unifi’s SIP Trunk service that slashed call costs to Saudi Arabia by over 50%. Unifi have also introduced an EFMcircuit for Internet connectivity that has boosted productivity by replacing a BT ADSL connection.

Cisco 7900 IP Phones have been provisioned for all users to enhance voice experience with high-fidelity wideband audio. A bi-lingual auto atendant greets customers (Arabic and English) to allow effective distribution of in-coming calls.

To ensure the successful on-going running of the Cisco network and Cisco Communications Manager Express infrastructure the Consulate has also taken advantage of Unifi's Managed Support Services. This allows them to call upon Unifi's Cisco Unified Communications experts whenever there is an issue or a change to be made.